Processing Applications


Apogee has developed a wide array of processing applications that are hosted on Apogee hardware and fielded worldwide.

Some applications include:

  • Wide Bandwidth Digital Signal Processing – Ingest bandwidths up to 1200 MHz Analog BW via packetized digital IF streams or direct RF/Analog Inputs
  • High Channel Count Digital Downconverters (DDC)
  • Digital IF Packet Data Processing
  • Digitally Tune, Demodulate, and process Signals of Interest from wide bandwidth input sources
  • Wideband, high channel count, QPSK Demodulators
  • High channel count FM Demodulators
  • Digital to Analog Conversion with Up conversion into specific customer bands
  • Low power, wireless mesh, battery operated
  • Heterogeneous Computing Applications
  • Financial Markets

Please contact Apogee for details on any of the applications listed above, or for assistance with your unique processing applications.

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